Lauren + Maddie

Colorado 2017

Lauren contacted me to do a special session for her and Maddie. Maddie was diagnosed with lymphoma and is on borrowed time. I have a special place in my heart for fur babies, and especially for golden retrievers. I've felt what Lauren is going through right now and I understand how grateful she is for what time she has with Maddie. I met Lauren a few years ago and we see one another when our mutual friends throw a party. Lauren is kind and intelligent and loves golden retrievers, so she's someone I liked from the get-go! At our friends' birthday party just over a year ago, Lauren and I talked about a session with her pooch sometime in the future. This session now needed to be sooner than later. The day we met up, Maddie was having a good day. She only lost her footing a couple of times. The three of us navigated the paths while Lauren and I chatted, and I photographed these two sweet, golden haired beauties loving on one another the whole while.