Baby Ellis 2016

Baby Ellis 2016

Baby Ellis was born to fantastic parents. I've known Justin and Elizabeth for a few years, ever since they purchased the home my husband and I spent a decade remodeling, located in a neighborhood that we love and still return to so we can visit with old friends. We brought home our first two babies to this house, and our first memories as a family are here.

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Kira + Dwight + Family 2015

Kira + Dwight + Family 2015

I barely directed this incredible family...this is all naturally beautiful. They made it look effortless, because for them it was.

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Baby Brown 2015


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Cole + Annie + kids


Katherine, Thomas and the Boys


Ken Caryl, Colorado

One of my favorite mamas with all of her fantastic boys!

Callum is One

Callum is one and I can't believe I've been taking his photos for an entire year.  It has been such a treat to watch him grow and watch his parents just dote on him.  It is obvious from the get-go just how much this little guy is loved and is the center of their worlds.  I have been friends with these two since long before Callum came in to their lives, and I'm honored to have been asked to document, and be a part of, this time in their lives.

Emerson & Zoe

Two gorgeous little girls.  Their eyes are striking and their hair blows so perfectly in the wind.  To date, this was my most difficult session to edit since I captured so many amazing moments with this loving, and truly happy family.  Every movement from these sisters was so sweet and fun and beautiful.


This month's Project 12 theme is Fire.  My natural response was to capture the 4th of July events.  It was pretty low key, but oftentimes the small things make the biggest impact.  We roasted marshmallows in a makeshift fire pit, and lit the sparklers that Grandma brought.  We drove down the road, parked, and watched fireworks from a distance, and then the kids slept in a tent for the first time ever.  As I was thinking about fireworks and the 4th of July, I was surprised that I have so many memories of this event throughout the years.  I grew up in Bay City, Michigan, which boasts one of the most spectacular fireworks events in the country.  Every year was special.  I can remember watching the fireworks from a boat docked at the marina, in a dingy out in the river, on a picnic blanket in a park, and even the time that I refused to go with my parents and sat on the roof of my house and watched what I could through trees.  There's a void of 4th of July memories through my twenties.  Now I have children, and this time is significant again.  I remember the brilliance and excitement of running with a sparkler, and how special it is to roast marshmallows.  Everything is momentous through a child's eye, and I'm blessed to be able to see again.

Piper and Stella

Piper recently turned one and her parents asked me to document this stage in her life.  Her older sister, Stella, thinks the world of her.  They are pretty neat little ladies who are lucky to have one another.


General Rose Community Gallery, Denver CO


The General Rose Community Gallery had its grand opening this evening in the lobby of Rose Medical Center. During a recent renovation, the General Rose Community Gallery was created as a dedication to the hospital's founders, as well as General Maurice Rose, "the highest-ranking Jew in the U.S. Army [during WWII]."  On display are historical artifacts, artwork and photographs.  It was truly an honor to photograph this event.