A Twelve Month Retrospective

I love all the images I've posted of the families I've worked with in 2012.  When I'm not photographing for others, I am blessed to be with my incredible husband and kids. I started this entry trying to choose one photo to represent each month, but after some editing, I decided that I was being very unreasonable with myself.  I looked back at this last year of documenting my children's lives and I'm thrilled with what I have, however, my New Year's resolution is to capture more of the small everyday moments in life.  I struggle with the balance of making sure I have this visual memory of them, but also wanting to be present and be participating in the current adventure.  Well, I have an entire year ahead of me to practice!  It's amazing to look back and see how we've grown.  A fascination with firemen and playing in boxes has been replaced by a love of everything superhero and fairy princess.  They may be fighting evil doers, but one thing has stayed the same - their excitement for cupcakes!  I thoroughly enjoyed my 2012 and I am excited for the adventures of 2013.