Learning From Leo

I went on an adventure with my son today.  Leo and I carried our cameras around Platte Street and Confluence Park in Denver.  We experienced the smells and tastes at Savory Spice Shop, watched sushi being made at Sushi Sasa, and finished up with hot chocolates at ink! Coffee.  Along the way there was a lot of searching for bad guys and jumping off of things.  The beginning photographs are taken by Leo with his vtech camera.  He's almost four and he teaches me a lot.  He's looking up and down and finding places to photograph that I never noticed.  I'm amused and intrigued by his point of view... a thirty-six inch high view.  I even admire his clicking of the shutter, just because he wants to.  No bad guys were captured, but a lot of great moments were.

I did tweak the color of Leo's photographs, but I did not change the composition of his original image.


This ends Leo's work and begins mine.